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                                    SG76 Stainless Steel Pipe

                                    basic information
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                                    Industrial stainless steel welded pipe unit is characterized by low unit speed, high precision requirements.
                                    Stainless steel raw material times higher than that of carbon steel, titanium steel raw materials and ten times higher than the stainless steel production, stainless steel, titanium steel welded pipe mill requirements much higher than the carbon steel pipe mill.We can offer stainless steel welded pipe mill specifications Φ20 to 660mm in diameter, wall thickness from 0.5 to 16.0mm.
                                    Stainless steel welded pipe for industrial process have special requirements.:
                                    Uncoiling, forming, welding, polishing of the outside weld sizing, cutting, etc. In addition to conventional equipment, but also can provide the special requirements of industrial stainless steel pipe equipment: steel cleaning, automatic seam-oriented, within the weld processing, weld solidifacation processing, anti-weld torsion.
                                    The titanium pipe welded pipe equipment specifications ? 40 mm (max).
                                    Level rack for counseling and pillar, all finishing;
                                    2 horizontal axial and radial runout ≤ 0.008mm;
                                    3 is equipped with quick roll change device;
                                    4 Set the roll gap display device;
                                    5 set diameter digital device;
                                    6 cutting milling.
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