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                                    LW450 precision cold forming mill

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                                    In 2013, Dalian SAGE group provided a LW450 x 5 (maximum strip width * maximum thickness) cold forming production line for Shanghai customers.It was mainly used to produce low carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with thickness of 2.0~5.0mm (yield strength less than 550MPa) closed special-shaped tubes and open sections.
                                    Major product specifications
                                    · maximum dimensions of finished profiles: 150 * 150mm;
                                    · wall thickness of finished profiles: 2.0 ~ 5.0mm;
                                    · length of finished profiles: 3 ~ 12m, error plus or minus 1.5mm;
                                    · high frequency welding and forming speed: 15-40 m/min.
                                    Raw material specifications
                                    · Q450 hot-rolled strip and galvanized sheet (slitting strip)
                                    · mechanical performance: it is less than 550Mpa;
                                    · strip width: 150-450mm;
                                    · strip thickness: 2.0 ~ 5.0mm;
                                    Steel strip coil: inner diameter Φ760 mm ~  Φ820 mm  , outside diameter Φ 1300 - Φ2100mm;
                                    · maximum weight of steel coil:10t.


                                    LW450 precision cold forming mill:

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