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                                    SG660 Welded Pipe Mill

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                                    SG660 HF welded pipe production line


                                    The high frequency welded pipe production line is a high pressure, high strength straight seam welding line which is used to transport oil and gas pipelines and meets API standards of the American petroleum institute.

                                    The production process of welded pipe production line meeting API standard is quite different from that of low-pressure fluid conveying pipe production line:

                                    1. The welding pipe meeting the API standard bears much higher pressure than the low-pressure fluid conveying pipe;

                                    2. The welded pipe weld meeting the API standard must be heat treated;

                                    3. Generally, the wall thickness and steel grade of the welded pipe that meet the API standard are much higher than that of the low-pressure fluid conveying pipe, so it is also called the high-pressure high-strength pipe;

                                    4. The welded pipe that meets the API standard must have perfect finishing equipment.









                                    SG660 HF Welded Pipe Mill:








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