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                                    SG219 Stainless Steel Pipe mill

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                                    SG219 Stainless Steel Pipe Mill

                                    Product Description:

                                    This mill is the main equipment of metallurgy, petroleum, building materials, light industry and other departments to produce stainless steel welded pipe with straight seam. It can produce steel pipe with certain specification width through uncoiling, shearing welding, looping, forming, and argon arc welding machine.


                                    Product scope:

                                    Circular pipe:

                                    Outer diameter: Φ 89 ~ Φ 219 mm

                                    Wall thickness: 2.0 ~ 6.0mm

                                    Production line speed: V= 0.1~3m /min(Max)



                                    SG219 Stainless Steel Pipe mill:








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