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                                    SG762 Carbon steel/Stainless steel pipe mill

                                    basic information
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                                    Dalian SAGE group is a one-off trial run of SG762 ERW longitudinal welded pipe production line designed and manufactured by Zhujiang Steel Pipe Company. The product is mainly used for the production of petroleum and natural gas transmission pipe, casing, structural tube and rectangular pipe. The total annual output is about 30~50 million tons.

                                    Production line features:

                                    1) over five

                                    A variety of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel

                                    A variety of specifications: φ245-711mm, 2002 to 5502

                                    A variety of shapes: round pipe, square tube, rectangular tube

                                    A variety of materials: coil, flat

                                    A variety of welding: high-frequency welding, welding, submerged arc welding

                                    2) five new

                                    New molding method: three high molding method (empty curved shape, Roll Forming)

                                    New molding method: three high molding method (empty curved shape, Roll Forming)

                                    New structure: rigid sizing

                                    New welding: driving force

                                    New holding pressure: not roll change

                                    The new deformation: a combination of roll forming Rectangular tube

                                    3), a not-for-two-fast, the three combinations to achieve a fast

                                    Opening forming a conversion specification does not roll change

                                    Precision molding / original diameter quick roll

                                    Rectangular Pipe combination roller

                                    To achieve rapid transformation specifications, for 1 to 2 hours


                                    SG762 Carbon steel/Stainless steel pipe mill:




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