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                                    2018/03/14 13:53
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                                    On September 16, 2017, It's sunny, the pilot base of A factory in Dalian SAGE group co., LTD. : A dark blue machine thundering,A dark gray,The colored strip is entered by the entrance;The iron scraps on both sides of the business sprang out;The two sides of the flashing strip are flowing out of the outlet...
                                    , so cold bending industry in China dream of strip steel edge milling dream finally developed under the efforts of all the employees in the company three highs, in the near to all involved in the development of engineering technicians and craftsmen heartfelt congratulations, welcome industry colleagues to be a guest at the same time.
                                    (Basic indicators: W:70-400mm;T:4-12.7mm;V:10-50m/min)